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Yet again the team at woonona eye care have excelled with everything. Great service and great products. Thanks to Shane and the entire team.

Neil Leddy

I have been Shane's customer forever! (more than 20yrs) Shane goes out of his way to make sure that his clients only get the best -the best service, the best product and at the best possible price. 5 out of 6 members in our household wear specs, and we are all lifelong clients of Shane. Highly recommend Woonona Eye care to everyone!

Manuela Manzini

Exceptional customer service. It was all about what was best for me at this current time. Once my eye sight has settled I will be back to get a new script and glasses. Thanks again Shane, I can now comfortably go outside and not get an instant headache.

Andrew Warren

Want genuine, professional and exceptional customer service?... Go see my father (Disco) for all your Eyecare and Eyewear fashion needs. 🙂 Mention "Disco" and you might even get a discount!

Brianna Hambling

Shane was amazing with my 2.5 year old son. Kept him entertained whilst fitting the glasses. Spoke to him like a person. Great experience.

Maija Deveney

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Blue light blocking lenses

Blue light blocking lenses

There is a lot of hype on Facebook at the moment bout blue light blocking lenses. So I thought I would clarify a few key points here.


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