Blephasteam® is the first eyelid warming device, which delivers in standardised conditions, a latent moist heat therapy.1 This innovative device provides an environment that naturally enhances tear quality. It has been proven to be successful in the treatment of a range of lid margin and ocular surface disorders.1,2,3

How does it work?
The Blephasteam® eyelid warming device incorporates a heating device, with a chamber that will heat up to 42 Degrees Celsius, a temperature high enough to melt meibomian gland secretions and obstructions without harming the lid skin.2

Why are we using it?
Meibomian gland dysfunction is one of the most common abnormalities seen in an eye care setting and it is the major cause of abnormalities in the lipid layer of the tear film, leading to evaporative dry eye.3

Studies have shown that treatment with warms compresses leads to improvements in tear film lipid layer thickness and tear film stability in patients with MGD.3 However, using warm compresses in the correct manner can be challenging.2.3 It is often difficult for patients to apply the warm face cloth in the correct position, for the desired time and at a stable temperature.

Blephasteam® overcomes these challenges as the goggles keep the therapy in the correct position and more importantly the device achieves a stable temperature for the entire treatment session.1,2 Each treatment session only takes approximately 30 minutes and Dr Weir will massage the glands at the conclusion to remove the softened debris.
Combined with traditional eyelid hygiene therapy we believe that this device is a significant breakthrough for the treatment of patients who suffer from chronic ocular surface and lid margin disorders.

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