Atropine eye drops are traditionally used in the clinical and operative setting for their anti-constriction and anti-accommodative effects. However, research in the last few decades have shown that low-dose atropine is particularly useful for reducing myopic progression, especially for those who are at risk of high myopia and associated complications. Effectivity in control has been shown to range from 27% to 67% depending on the prescribed concentration. 

This method of myopia control involves the use of specially compounded eye drops before sleep each night. Optical correction is still required, in the form of spectacles, soft contact lenses or OrthoK. However, Atropine eye drops are a great adjunct treatment method in slowing down myopia even further.

Management Schedule

A comprehensive eye examination is always advised at the beginning of all myopia management schedules. Depending on your optical correction method, additional appointments and scans may be necessary such as contact lens fittings and corneal/retinal scans. 

It is important to attend all review appointments, generally every 3-6 months. Should there be any changes during the course of your child’s treatment, please contact us and our optometrists will be happy to assist.