Contact Lenses

If you haven’t worn contact lenses before but would like to try them, the first thing to do is book in for an eye test. We first have to check your prescription and the health of your eyes before

fitting you with lenses. Your spectacle prescription may be different from your contact lens prescription which usually includes details of what brand and size of lenses you are wearing.

During the initial contact lens consultation, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle and reasons for wanting contact lenses. This helps us make a decision on which type of contact lens to fit you with, be it a daily, fortnightly or monthly lens. The next important step in wearing contact lenses is that you’re taught how to properly insert, remove and maintain the lenses.

After the consultation you’ll be given some trial lenses to take away to practice and use followed by an aftercare consultation. The aftercare appointment is a great chance for you to discuss any problems you may have had with your trial contacts and also for the optometrist to see how your eyes coped with the lenses.

Are they uncomfortable?

We understand some people are anxious about what contact lenses feel like. Today, a majority of contact lens wearers use soft contact lenses. One of the primary reasons why soft lenses

have become so popular is the comfort they provide wearers. Soft contact lenses are available in several wearing modalities. Daily, fortnightly, monthly and extended wear. Each have their

pros and cons and are available in several different materials. Fortunately with the technology breakthroughs and contact lenses available today, wearing soft contact lenses have never been

more comfortable.

How much do they cost?

Using contact lenses cost less than a cup of coffee per day. The cost will also depend on how often you wear your contacts and which type you use. Our optometrists will discuss with you

your options and costs involved. If you haven’t worn contact lenses before you’ll also need to learn how to insert, remove and care for them. We understand to maximise your success in

wearing contact lenses you need to be fitted with the best contact lenses appropriate for your lifestyle. Our contact lens consultations will provide you with all the necessary skills and

knowledge so you can enjoy wearing your lenses.

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