Eye Examinations

Optometrists recommend you have your eyes tested every two years. (And no, we’re not just using it as an excuse to see you more often). It’s so we can pick up any slight changes in your vision and adjust your prescription before it really affects you.

So when should you visit Woonona Eyecare for an eye test?

  • When things don’t look as clear as they used to.
  • When you can’t recognise your friends from across the street.
  • When reading is not the painless task it used to be.
  • When it’s been more than two years since your last eye test.

There are a few symptoms that can relate to vision related problems. If you’re experiencing any of these, call in to Woonona Eyecare for an eye test:

  • Checking your email gives you a headache.
  • You see things in double.
  • When you confuse colours e.g can’t tell greens from reds.
  • You failed your vision test when renewing your driver’s license.
  • You can’t read the newspaper properly, even with reading glasses on.
  • You trip over steps or gutters, even when your shoelaces are done up.
  • You bump into objects on one side, even when you’ve had nothing to drink.
  • Your night vision is particularly bad.
  • Your eyes feel sore or red.

As part of a regular eye health check (if you’re over 40 years). A number of general health disorders (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) can show as changes in the back of the eye. Your optometrist will examine your eyes to detect any changes early and refer you to an appropriate health professional. Age-related eye changes (e.g. cataracts, macular degeneration) can be detected earlier with regular eye health checks. Raised pressure in the eye (glaucoma) can normally ONLY be detected by regular eye health assessments with our optometrist.

Call in now, or phone 4284 1344 to arrange an eye examination today!
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