Optical Dispensers

We value the trust you place in us when you select your eyewear, to ensure they remain in good order and perform as expected please follow these three simple rules:


  • Check your glasses frequently for signs of wear. If a hinge screw is loose, call in to have it tightened
  • Carefully check the alignment of your eyewear in front of the mirror. If they seem misaligned, please call in for a frame adjustment.


  • Begin by rinsing them under lukewarm tap water. This will wash away any dust/ grit that may cause scratches.
  • Use a spray on lens cleaner. Clean the entire frame thoroughly to remove smudges, skin oils, and/or fingerprints that can damage its finish.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, lint-free cotton towel.
  • For quick cleaning use a microfiber lens cloth.
  • Rinse and clean perspiration from your sunglasses as soon as possible.
  • Avoid using impregnated facial tissues as their chemicals may damage lens coatings
  • To prevent scratches, never use your fingernails to remove a spot on the lens surface.


  • Keep your eyewear in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. If this is not possible, leave them open and upside down on a flat surface in a safe place.
  • Avoid placing your sunglasses without a case in your purse or pocket. Keys or coins can easily scratch them.
  • Don’t leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car. The intense heat that can occur inside a closed car on hot sunny days can damage lens coating and/ or frame hardware.
  • Always use both hands to remove your glasses. This will prevent the frame from becoming bent and curved.
  • Don’t wear glasses on the top of your head as it can stretch the frames.

And finally please call in with your new glasses a week or two after you picked them up for a fine tune and clean. Then a regular schedule of once every six months or so for a free service to ensure that they are maintained and in good shape.